Ledgerndry Quality and Excellence

Industrial Chemicals

There is a wide range of industrial consumables from the resin group, to the solvents and various powder used in industries. The Thinner and clean-up solvent for Ledger paint and other polyurethane products is Water free and aromatic 


Xylene , Acetone , Calcium Carbide, Fluidar 150, MIBK, N.Butyl Acetate, Nitro Cotton, Turpentine ,Thinners, N. Butanol Alcohol 

Ledger Xylene 

Thinner and clean-up solvent for polyurethane products. Water- and alcohol-free. Aromatic. Available in 1L 

Ledger Stripp

Paint Stripper. Super strong and quick acting. Easy to use. Flammable. Removes enamels, varnishes, automotive paints, some epoxies, polyurethane based paints, acrylic paints. Removes old glue and bitumen from floor surfaces before laying new covering material like vinyl or carpet. Available in 500ml, 1qL & 5L. 



Hydroxy Accrylic, Long oil, Medium oil, Petro Resin, Short Oil , Styrenated resin, Urea formadehyde UF resin 

Fibre Glass 

Catalyst, Cobalt, Mould release Agent, Resin 901, General purpose Resin,  Fibrematt


Corn starch, Red oxide powder, Black oxide powder, Neogen 2000, STTP, Soda Ash Light/Dense , Talc Powder, Super fine Talc , Mica Mesh, Syloid ED40 


Lemon Yellow Pigment ,Zinc Chromate ,Pthalo Green Pigment , Pthalo Blue Pigment, Yellow oxide Pigment ,Red oxide Pigment ,Black oxide Pigment ,P O Red pigment , Midchrome Pigment , Signal Red ,Tioxide 


Aluminium Leafing, Aluminium non-leafing, Bitumen black solid, Bitumen black paste, Blue paste, Green paste, Yellow oxide paste 


Acticide, Alcosperse, Antiform, Antiskin Meco, Bermercol, Bestgel/ Viscogel, Butyl Oxytol, Caustic Soda, Corax, Dolomite, Formalin, Ledge 50 wood glue emulsion, Ledge 77 pva emulsion, mixed driers, Molwith,perfumes, pine oil, polyvinyl alcohol, propylene glycol, Sodium mesaticilicate, Soya Lecithin , Ammonia 

Detergents and Industrial Raw Materials 

Oleic Acid, NP6, NP9, STTP, Sulphonic Acid, SLES 


5L Bucket, 20L Bucket triple lock ,5L Polycan, 1L Tub, 1L Spiral, 1L Polycan ,750ml Bottle, 5L, 250 MLS, 500MLs, 25 MLS Plastic container