Ledgerndry Quality and Excellence



We have a solid commitment to quality and excellence in satisfying our required customer needs on automotive, decorative, carpentry paints, chemicals and all related paint accessories in Zimbabwe through continued innovation and technological advancements.


To be respected as an ethical, sustainable brand and acknowledged as the leading provider of innovative paint and colour technology in Zimbabwe and beyond


We value our customer needs and long lasting relationships built on the foundation of

  • Discipline
  • Innovation
  • Teamwork
  • Excellence
  • Hard work 


Welcome To Ledger Paints

Ledger paints was initially registered or traded as Ballock Enterprises in 2009. It later rebranded to Ledger Paints in 2010 with the aim and motivation to satisfy the needs of customers in the vast paint industry from Automotive, Structural, Wood, Interior and Exterior or Decorative paints. The company boasts of the ability to produce above the normal quality or premium paint at reasonable prices which suit a price sensitive community on customised or tailor made colour combinations to suit the user. Ledger Paints is a wholly owned Zimbabwean company which endeavours to give not only paint but long lasting impressions of beauty, resilience, shiny solutions to users across the industry. The company has the most diverse, complete range

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